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Timely review of patient data with close to real-time feedback is a critical success factor in today’s disease management. With Health Gateway, maintenance and treatment become faster, easier and more accurate.
eHIT Health Gateway represents an effective and secure tool to wirelessly transfer patient data from different measurements devices to the health care provider via mobile platform. It provides patient and nursing solutions ensuring that measurement results are available, accurate and both cost and time effective.
The same mobile device can collect, store and transfer information from different measuring devices. This also makes possible the integration of devices from different manufacturers. For instance a blood pressure measuring device, a scale and a glucometer can be used to collect and register key information in diabetes care. The mobile device guides the patient and seamlessly collects information from the measuring devices. The patient can also follow up his/her progress in the therapy directly from the display of the mobile device.
The information is then automatically transferred to the health care provider by using a secure GPRS/GSM connection. The received information can be store in the Health Gateway server or directly forwarded to existing information system. Authorised personnel of the health care provider can browse the received data and send an almost immediate feedback to the patient by using eHIT client application.
This bidirectional connection presents several advantages in comparison with traditional methods: measurement results are accurate, available in real-time and in correct form; faster patient treatment process – patient can receive feedback almost immediately; motivating treatment progress information directly available to the patient; evidence based process traceability information: remote measurement and monitoring regardless of patient location; easy to use for both patient and nursing staff. Health Gateway is a fully modular system, which can be delivered in different configurations ranging from direct interface between the mobile platform and an existing information system, up to a complete system including centralised server and remote/local clients for data reviewing and editing. Health Gateway already interfaces to a broad range of measuring devices allowing for remote analysis of blood glucose, blood pressure, body temperature, coagulation, body weight, heart rate, EMG, ECG, oxygen saturation, peak expiratory flow…
Health Gateway supports various mobile platforms such as Symbian OS, JAVA ME and Windows CE allowing the integration of most mobile phones,smart phones and PDA devices.

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